All Glass Large Mirrors

There’s nothing more space expanding than a full length floor mirror leaning against a wall (well, perhaps maybe two floor length floor mirrors) or two large all glass mirrors covering an entire wall. That’s because the more mirror in the room, the more space will be reflected and the more depth the room will have. It will also be a lot brighter, especially if you have daylight flooding into the room via a window or two.Incidentally, if you do go for the full length mirror option then it’s a good idea still to secure it to the wall, in the event someone passing nudges it.

Lucca Contemporary Mirror

From £318.00 available in 7 sizes

Image of All Glass Full Length Mirror

Tuscany All Glass Full Length Mirror

£444.00 available in 1 size

Deep Large All Glass Framed Wall Mirror

From £447.00 available in 2 sizes

Large Convex All Glass Mirror

£347.00 available in 1 size

Modular UK Manufactured Mirror Panels

From £129.00 available in 2 sizes

Think about the more unusual places you could place large all-glass mirrors in order to open up rooms more. Behind the bed is effective, so too is behind a breakfast bar in the kitchen. Then there’s along the side of the bath to double the size of what is traditionally a small room anyhow. A full length mirror in a tall slim alcove can add interesting depth to a hallway, for instance, while two all glass full length mirrors lying sideways and parallel would work as a work of art when displayed above the fireplace or along a side wall in a living room.Take a look through our extensive range of large all-glass mirrors and full length mirrors here at Decorative Mirrors Online. Call our team for help with mirror maintenance as well as general advice, tel: 01635 81800. Meanwhile, do take advantage of free UK delivery.