Art Deco Mirrors

Art deco mirrors have always been popular, from when they first appeared in the 1920s, right up to today. Their bold and eye-catching style is so synonymous with elegance and class that it's simply not possible to easily dismiss an Art Deco mirror option when considering some reflective glass for your home. 

Image of Deep All Glass Bathroom Mirror

All Glass Bathroom Mirror

£119.00 available in 1 size

Lucca Contemporary Mirror

From £300.00 available in 7 sizes

Lyon Round Contemporary Mirror

From £170.00 available in 2 sizes

All Glass Triple Edged Mirror

From £78.00 available in 4 sizes

Emily Triple Edged Mirror

From £78.00 available in 7 sizes

Image of Large Bevelled All Glass Mirror

Sofia Deep All Glass Mirror

£287.00 available in 1 size

Image of Antique Hanging Silver Mirror

Antique Hanging Silver Mirror

£108.00 available in 1 size

Emily Cheval Mirror

£139.00 available in 1 size

And you don't have to live in a house built in the decades between the two world wars to make use of a mirror representative of this glamorous art and cultural period. (or a fancy Gatsby-style mansion, for that matter). That’s because there is, in particular, a certain Art Deco mirror geometric look that is incredibly relevant to the majority of décor styles around today. You’ll also find bold zig zag and chequered patterns in these stylish mirrors, as well as a host of striking colours. The actual style was influenced by such artistic movements around at the time as Cubism, Modernism, Art Nouveau and Futurism.

A couple of Art Deco mirrors which hang by a chain look great above ‘his’ and ‘her’ sinks in the bathroom, while they also look great grouped together in a set of around three or five collage-style.

Art Deco mirrors in particular look stunning when grouped together in various shapes and sizes, particularly in threes or fives (odd numbers always look better). 

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