Black Shabby Chic Mirrors

Shabby chic black mirrors often tend to have a bit of a Rococo or Baroque look about them (black mirror frames, along with gold, were common during these very stylish design periods). The elaborate feminine curlicues and adornments in these French style mirrors make them perfect for a shabby chic look. Not only that but it's also a look which spurns contemporary design in favour of an aged or antique appearance - and which is why distressed furniture, in particular, is sought out.  Talk of Rococo, Baroque and antiques may give the impression that Shabby Chic is an expensive, upmarket style but actually that couldn't be further from the truth since it's seen as more of a 'country cottage' look. 
White and pastel shades are commonly used in this design style, but darker colours and metallics also come into the look. It wouldn't be unusual, for instance, to find a full length leaning Shabby Chic black mirror in a bedroom as a dressing mirror or even in a small hallway to help 'open it out' - especially if the latter has a window with natural daylight coming into the space. And on that note, don't just think indoors, hanging shabby chic black mirrors can also look pretty stunning in a white conservatory, or a timber porch. 
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Image of Elaborate Black Mirror

Elaborate Black Mirror

From £290.00 available in 2 sizes