Contemporary Mirrors

When choosing a contemporary mirror for their home these days many individuals simply go out and choose the first attractive mirror that catches their eye. But, of course, there is much more to furnishing your home with a mirror, especially if you want to maximize not only your new modern mirror's functionality but also the aesthetic appeal it can bring to a room.

Image of Lazio Antique Bronze Mirror

Loretto Antique Bronze Mirror

£285.00 available in 1 size

Image of Pewter Edged Leaner Mirror

Pewter Edged Leaner Mirror

£326.00 available in 1 size

Image of Double Beaded Classic Silver Mirror

Double Beaded Silver Mirror

From £225.00 available in 5 sizes

Sun Mirror

Inca Contemporary Sun Mirror

£722.00 available in 1 size

Rovigo Silver & Gold Modern Mirror

£453.00 available in 1 size

Image of White Round Recycled Mirror

White Round Recycled Mirror

From £79.00 available in 2 sizes

Image of Funky Circles Mirror

Funky Circles Mirror

£149.00 available in 1 size

Rustic Gold Metal Window Mirror

£415.00 available in 1 size

Lucca Contemporary Mirror

From £300.00 available in 6 sizes

Lyon Round Contemporary Mirror

From £170.00 available in 2 sizes

Image of Porcupine Mirror

Porcupine Mirror

£299.00 available in 1 size

For instance, does the frame match with your existing decor? A frameless contemporary mirror looks terrific in a new-build apartment but would definitely look out of place in a traditional period decor scheme. If your room favours a minimalist look then an ornate contemporary mirror would give the room a cluttered feel. Meanwhile, if you favour a lot of art on your walls then a highly decorative frame would affect the overall look by diverting the eye and dominating the wall. In other words, concentrate on your existing d├ęcor. And speaking of wall art, some modern mirrors can actually prove decorative art objects in themselves.

One of the most popular contemporary mirrors around is the sunburst mirror. The fact it is round rather than rectangular gives it a head-start when it comes to being noticed since the eye is far more aware of contrasts than similarity. This type of mirror often looks spectacular above a fireplace - especially if it's large enough to make a statement. But do look around until you find a favourite piece since there really is an abundance of contemporary mirrors to choose from today. 

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