Bronze Contemporary Mirrors

Why do so many of us like bronze contemporary mirrors so much? Well, for a start the frame is easy to assimilate into other colour schemes in a room. And, secondly, the colour provides a definite sense of warmth.

Image of Large Metal Framed Arch Mirror

Metal Arch Mirror

From £249.00 available in 2 sizes

Moroccan Mirror

£261.00 available in 1 size

Modern Bronze Round Mirror

From £129.00 available in 4 sizes

Marrakesh Bronze Arched Mirror

From £219.00 available in 2 sizes

Image of Lazio Antique Bronze Mirror

Loretto Antique Bronze Mirror

£285.00 available in 1 size

Ava Sectioned Metal Window Mirror

£290.00 available in 1 size

Kenzie Bronze Rectangular Mirror

From £118.00 available in 8 sizes

Arden Bronze Rectangular Mirror

From £124.00 available in 8 sizes

Modern Oval Bronze Mirror

From £115.00 available in 3 sizes

Dash Copper Rectangular Mirror

From £115.00 available in 8 sizes

Another reason bronze framed mirrors are so popular is that they can introduce rustic charm into an interior. In this respect they fit in particularly well with a country cottage style theme as well as Scandinavian, shabby chic, Hamptons and even a more modern industrial design theme. Depending on the style of the mirror they could also look terrific in a traditional period setting or even a contemporary apartment. In other words, bronze mirrors can prove very flexible for interior design purposes.

Metals such as bronze and copper also look good with wooden furniture and, of course, both would also look good paired up together in any décor scheme. If the bronze mirror you happen to have fallen in love with feels too small for where you want o hang it then consider ‘stretching’ it by hanging two wall sconces either side of it, or even two framed pieces of artwork (just make sure the latter don’t detract too much from the beauty of the mirror).

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