Full Length Ivory Mirrors

Hanging up a full length ivory mirror or a large mirror in general, for that matter, can truly transform the dynamics of any room in your home. Whether the frame has a period feel or a sleek and smooth modern look it will always expand the size of a room and, provided there is enough daylight, introduce more brightness into the space too. 
Image of Grand Cream Dressing Mirror

Grand Cream Full Length Mirror

From £310.00 available in 3 sizes

Vintage Triple Window Mirror

£448.00 available in 1 size

Grace Tall Crested Mirror

£605.00 available in 1 size

Lily Arch Topped Mirror

£396.00 available in 1 size

Vintage Antiqued Mirror

£405.00 available in 1 size

Another advantage of a large mirror is that it can often disguise - or make a feature of - any area of your home you’re not particularly fond off, such as an alcove that’s too small to even take a slim console table, or a dented wall you’ve never got round to fixing. 
Have a narrow hallway? Then add instant width by hanging a couple of large mirrors along one wall. Alternatively add depth by hanging a full length ivory mirror at one end of the hallway (or do both – provided there is a window in the hall too so that your guests don’t become too disorientated). Meanwhile, one of our favourite ways to use a full length ivory mirror is to hang it casually against a bedroom wall to use as a dressing mirror. Think too about putting a mirror behind the bed if you have a small bedroom as again, it will expand the space.
We have plenty of contemporary and period style full length ivory mirrors and large mirrors to choose from here at Decorative Mirrors Online. Call our team for advice, tel: 01635 818800. Meanwhile, take advantage of free UK delivery.