Gold Shabby Chic Mirrors

Luxurious shabby chic gold mirrors and Antique French style mirrors in general tend to be very decorative, very much of a feminine nature and certainly more favoured by the romantics amongst us. In fact, this type of French style mirror is very much the antithesis of a modern minimalist and industrial home décor scheme. It is instead, a look far more akin to the elaborate Rococo or even Baroque influences of the French Louis period (although with pastel shades).

Grand Gold Mirror

From £310.00 available in 3 sizes

Balfour Gold Mirror

£238.00 available in 1 size

Gold Antiqued Hatched Mirror

From £162.00 available in 3 sizes

Gold Flourish Ornate Mirror

From £206.00 available in 5 sizes

Embellished Gold Design Mirror

From £237.00 available in 4 sizes

Gold Adorned Mirror

From £333.00 available in 5 sizes

Image of Classic Ornate Gold Mirror

Classic Ornate Gold Mirror

From £186.00 available in 7 sizes

Image of Ornamental Gold Mirror

Ornamental Gold Mirror

From £211.00 available in 6 sizes

A shabby chic gold mirror in particular works well in a room full of older items and even antiques since the gold matches the wood and the brass of older objects better than a shabby chic silver mirror or a white mirror for example. French style mirrors rimmed in gold can look incredibly sophisticated, especially when left to lean against a wall in a living room or as a bedroom mirror. Complement it with a gold chandelier (not hanging too far away since you’ll want to catch it twinkling in the mirror) and lit gold candlesticks. Shabby chic gold mirrors and French style mirrors - also in gold - are available on our Decorative Mirrors Online website in a variety of glamorous shapes, sizes, and frames these days. So do take time to browse at length our collections and feel free to ask for our team for advice on style, design or hanging, tel 01635 818800. Order now and benefit from our special promotion of free delivery on all UK orders.