Ivory Window Mirrors

Ivory window mirrors can look stunning when placed in a conservatory, vestibule or a hallway. Or, indeed, anywhere in your home, for that matter, thanks to their unusual inlaid design. In terms of shape they are often arched and resemble a gothic or church window. Because of this they particularly suit a traditional period look in a townhouse. But they also work well as garden mirrors.

Iris Garden Mirror

From £141.00 available in 1 sizes

Rosie Garden Mirror

£231.00 available in 1 size

Marigold Garden Mirror

£235.00 available in 1 size

Image Round Window Mirror

CLEARANCE - Round Window Mirror

£182.00 available in 1 size

Vintage Triple Window Mirror

£448.00 available in 1 size

Image of Eight Pane Window Mirror

Eight Pane Window Mirror

£266.00 available in 1 size

Modern ivory window mirrors – in rectangular shapes or, more unusually a circular outline - are also available and are often more suited to a contemporary or modern style of décor. Smaller circular window mirrors can look great as a pair when hung symmetrically either side of a double bed or consider using two of the larger arched ivory window mirrors to frame a chimney breast. A window mirror is also a pretty smart way of adding a touch of sophistication to a kitchen or bathroom.
As you would imagine, window mirrors are also excellent at representing a window – especially if you fit one of a similar shape in between existing two existing windows. Or, consider sitting two arched window mirrors side by side above your bed as a quirky His ‘n’ Her type headboards. This will reflect even more light and, at the same time, add a quirky touch to your room. An ivory window mirrors is also great for pretending there is another room beyond the existing one in which you happen to have entered.
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