Large Mirrors

Large wall mirrors are a fantastic means of extending space and light for any room in your home. You can, for instance, infer there is far more space in a hallway or bedroom by placing a large mirror behind a chest. The same applies to an alcove where you could fit a shelf in front of the mirror (if it's small) or even a seat if the space is large enough. 

Image of Finely Ornate Silver Wall Mirror

Finely Ornate Silver Mirror

From £210.00 available in 3 sizes

Image of Gold Diamond Shaped Mirror

Gold Diamond Mirror

£306.00 available in 1 size

Oval Black and Gold Mirror

£188.00 available in 1 size

Brazilia Wooden Mirror

From £310.00 available in 5 sizes

Ava Sectioned Metal Window Mirror

£269.00 available in 1 size

Vintage Antiqued Mirror

£405.00 available in 1 size

Moroccan Mirror

£249.00 available in 1 size

Kawena White Washed Wooden Mirror

From £158.00 available in 6 sizes

Image of Decadent Gold Mirror

Decadent Gold Mirror

From £180.00 available in 7 sizes

Image of Large Metal Framed Arch Mirror

Metal Arch Mirror

From £239.00 available in 2 sizes

Image of Grand Cream Dressing Mirror

Grand Cream Full Length Mirror

From £298.00 available in 3 sizes

Contemporary Chrome Mirror

From £126.00 available in 9 sizes

Large mirrors with ornate, highly decorative frames can actually appear as works of art in themselves and should definitely be accorded plenty of wall space to allow them to shine. Two large mirrors sitting adjacent and at right angles to one another on neighbouring walls can make a small kitchen or dining room, for instance, seem huge. Or, for a dramatic effect to the bedroom, consider using a large mirror as a headboard (just make sure it’s hung professionally though to avoid any unfortunate mishaps!).

Place a big mirror opposite a window and just wait for the sunshine to come pouring into your room at two different angles (this is particularly effective is your room has a Southern exposure). Then again, there is no denying that a trio of vertically hung large mirrors with slim and minimalist frames placed close to one another along one wall can look absolutely spectacular - in any room. 

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