Black Overmantel Mirrors

Black overmantel mirrors will always draw the eye to the fireplace area in a living room or bedroom whenever that room is entered. That's because this type of overmantel mirror often looks so dramatic and glamorous that it eclipses just about everything else in the room. 

Having such a stunning fireplace mirror is terrific if you want to show the area off. Co-ordinate the black overmantel mirror with black cushions and other black accessories such as candlesticks and vases - perhaps even an updated black velvet stags head either side of the mantelpiece (definitely not the old-fashioned taxidermy type though if you're going for a contemporary look).
But of course there is no rule book that says you can only use a gold, white or black overmantel mirror as a fireplace mirror. This type of mirror could also be hung on its own for dramatic effect, above a console in a hallway, or even as a rather glamorous dressing table mirror – wherever you like, in fact. 

A black overmantel mirror is great for a Gothic look, of course, especially when hung against a bold red or deep purple wall and with accompanying candlesticks insitu.

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