Silver Art Deco Mirrors

Silver Art Deco mirrors were first introduced in the UK post World War One and were the result of the introduction of mass industrial production. This made the style far more accessible to the hoi polloi rather than the upper classes but it was still regarded as a bit of a luxury at the time to own a silver Art Deco mirror. It was a look which was actually invented in Paris where it was known as Moderne (ie French for Modern).

Image of Antique Hanging Silver Mirror

Antique Hanging Silver Mirror

£120.00 available in 1 size

The style of these 1920 and 1930s mirrors veered from solid geometric lines to willowy curves (a throwback to the previous Art Nouveau style). Overall though Art Deco celebrated luxury, elegance and glamour hence the gold, silver and bronze that was frequented used for furniture and other home wares, alongside lacquer, ivory and the best hardwoods available.

Art Deco tended to celebrate nature, hence the popularity of the sunburst silver Art Deco mirror. At the time alcoves tended to be mirrored while many table tops were produced from glass. Symmetry was also prized and it wasn’t unusual to find two similar silver mirrors either side of a room instead of just one.

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