Silver Overmantle Mirrors

One of the more popular pieces around for homes thanks to its feature-producing qualities, the silver Overmantle Mirror – which first appeared in Victorian times - is today an undisputed design classic. This is mainly because this type of large room mirror has the power to totally transform a space. Not only does it introduce elegance and light but, in the case of the latter, it can provide a room with the appearance of both additional length and height.

A silver fireplace mirror works beautifully with a white marble or white wooden fireplace (you’re probably familiar with all those beautiful Scandinavian designed rooms after all). But just try placing a silver mirror above a Gothic styled or contemporary glossy black fireplace and see the stunning effect you get. Incidentally an overmantle mirror works best when positioned around four to five inches above the mantle so that it doesn’t cause shadows there.

A silver overmantle mirror and wooden fireplace isn’t an obvious combination – but we’ve seen this pairing work wonders through the silver ‘lifting’ the dark wood, resulting in a startling contrast. Just add other silver accessories to your room to complete the look.

As you would expect, fireplace mirrors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from antique silver overmantle mirrors to round silver contemporary mirrors or even geometric Art Deco mirrors. Basically, whatever your room’s décor theme, there is an overmantle mirror today to not just match, but also highlight the look. 

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