Silver Window Mirrors

An elegant silver Venetian mirror can look fantastic on its own and absolutely stunning when hung as a pair or when featured as part of a gallery collection. The classic shaped silver Venetian mirror is oval or octagonal, beautifully etched and tends to be bevelled. Etchings and ornamental in general tends to be in the form of Rococo scrolls, flowers, vines, and leafs.

Marrakesh Silver Arched Mirror

From £219.00 available in 2 sizes

Marrakesh Dark Grey Arched Mirror

From £219.00 available in 2 sizes

Venetian mirrors are extremely popular these days thanks to the fact reproduction mirrors are making them much for affordable to purchase. Many householders are recognising the appeal the elegance and romance of Venetian frameless mirrors can bring to a room in terms of sophistication and visual appeal.
Silver Venetian mirrors have actually been around since as far back as the 16th century– since skilled Italian craftsmen in Murano, Venice began working on the glass, in fact. Today the frameless mirror still works incredibly well in our homes whether we have adopted either a contemporary or a traditional décor scheme.
Certainly a triple style mirror with its central panel and two moveable side panels makes an impressive bedroom dressing table mirror. Not only does it allow you to inspect your reflection from 360 degrees, but it also gives the bedroom itself more of a boudoir feel.
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