Venetian Mirrors

One of the oldest forms of looking glass we recognise today - and indeed still proudly hang up in many of our homes - is the Venetian all-glass mirror. Originally conceived back in the 17th century the idea for etched mirrors resulted in wall hung glass which more or less looked like 'glorified picture frames.' By the 18th century though glass artists in Venice had got used to etching scrolls, swags and other types of architectural detail into the glass.

Image of Double Beaded Classic Silver Mirror

Double Beaded Silver Mirror

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Emily Triple Edged Mirror

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Image of Large Bevelled All Glass Mirror

Sofia Deep All Glass Mirror

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Image of Beaded Bevelled Gold Mirror

Beaded Bevelled Gold Mirror

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Image of Contemporary Block All Glass Mirror

Contemporary Block All Glass Mirror

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Image of Art Deco Style All Glass Mirror

UK Made Art Deco Glass Mirror

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Image of Decorative Glass Criss Cross Bevel

Criss Cross Bevelled Mirror

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By the end of that century Venetian all-glass mirrors tended to consist more of etchings of crowns, framed in a brilliant blue border. Meanwhile, the other masters of Venetian glass in Greece were focusing on serpents, leafs and other Greek motifs to bring life to their etched mirrors.

A Venetian mirror can look especially effective in a bathroom where a bevelled edge curved design will withstand compensation and add softness to the often clinical look of the room.

Many Venetian all-glass mirrors these days come with an aged patina, which can add a welcoming touch of vintage charm – especially to a shabby chic design theme. To add a sense of luxury, pair up your etched mirror with marble in the bathroom.

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