Bathroom Mirrors

Once the smallest, simplest, most functional room in the house, the bathroom has rightly become a luxurious sanctuary, the perfect place to escape it all, and a perfect place to use mirrors to great advantage. The vast majority of our mirrors are very happy in a bathroom as they’re usually lacquered or varnished.

Where to position your bathroom mirror?

There’s a surprising wealth of great places to position mirrors in your bathroom.
Over the basin is a must, but why not think beyond the classic square or rectangular, a round bathroom mirror contrasts beautifully with the linear nature of this area. A wet room however, can be a bit more of a challenge for some styles. Please call us if you’d like advice on selecting a wet room mirror.
Break up a long wall with an arrangement of various sized mirrors. Balance matching his and hers mirrors aligned over basins creates an elegant symmetry.
Bathroom mirrors with a coastal, driftwood or natural finish create a wonderful nautical theme.
How to hang your bathroom mirror
Your bathroom mirror is a great opportunity to get creative with how you hang it, for instance why not try rope instead of invisible fixings. Resting a large bathroom mirror against the wall works well, as does a free standing mirror. For tips on how to hang your bathroom mirrors, please just follow this link.

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