Bedroom Mirrors

Possibly the most personal space in your home, the bedroom mirror can fulfil many roles: setting a mood, playing with light, increasing a sense of space and adding a contemporary, traditional or quirky focal point to your room.

Where to position your bedroom mirror?

The first thing to consider when choosing a bedroom mirror is what will it be used for? A functional dressing or vanity mirror, to increase a feeling of light or space, or as a decorative feature?
For a feeling of space, try a large, full length or free standing mirror in a corner of the bedroom – also great as a dressing mirror. Alternatively, a long mirror leant against a bedroom wall will reflect part of the ceiling and create an extra dimension to the room.
Bounce light around a small or dark bedroom with a large floor mirror positioned close to, or angled slightly toward a window. A large white bedroom mirror against a white wall can look particularly effective and bright.
Bedroom mirror ideas
Depending on your décor, a striking feature mirror above the headboard, such as a round starburst or sun style mirror, can make a great finishing touch.
A pair of long mirrors, placed vertically either side of the bed, creates a pleasing symmetry. A series of square, round or long mirrors adds depth and interest. While an arrangement of similar or complementary mirrors can play to patterns within the room.
Creating views
The positioning of your bedroom mirror gives great scope for creating views and moods. Positioning a mirror at an angle to a door will give you a view of who’s entering the room, while opposite a window reflects light and outside views.
Just remember, if you like relaxing lie-ins, it’s probably best to avoid a view of the laundry basket.
How to hang your mirror
Of course, bedroom mirrors don’t just have to be hung on the wall, they can rest against a wall, hang on the back of a door, or sit above a fireplace or piece of furniture. Click here for more on hanging mirrors.

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