Dining Room Mirrors

Dining room mirrors can enhance the ambience and play of candlelight, increase the feeling of space and light, create drama or accentuate a view. The dining room provides a great opportunity to try something a little more daring.

Where to position your dining room mirror?

A blank wall makes a perfect placement for a large dining room wall mirror, either opposite a window for greater light, or a connecting doorway for a feeling of space.
Two ornate mirrors either side of a fireplace creates a pleasing symmetry and allows a chandelier or piece of art to take centre stage. Alternatively, a decorative feature mirror will give a plainer room a focal point.

Dining room mirror ideas

You have so many choices here. A multifaceted mirror creates lovely plays of light.
A series of wall mirrors, a trio works well, can transform a blank wall. Either positioned closely for greater sense of space, or interspersed with wall lights or candle sconces.
Window-style mirrors, in metal, wood or stone, make great decorative mirrors for a dining room and create a wonderfully cost effective trompe l'oeil effect.

How to hang your dining room mirror

It’s good to remember that mirrors don’t have to be hung from the wall, some can be sat on furniture or shelves, or leant against a wall. Click here for more on hanging mirrors.

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