Kitchen Mirrors

A quick and easy way to enhance your kitchen is with a mirror. Not only does it increase the views and light in this hard-working room, but it brings in more of your style and personality. The vast majority of our mirrors will be very happy in a steamy kitchen, as they’re lacquered or varnished, but if you’re in any doubt, please just contact us first to check.
Where to position your kitchen mirror?
A mirror positioned above a sink creates the illusion of a window, creating an extra view and bouncing light back into the room.
Mirrors on cupboard doors can create a glass cabinet effect, without needing to keep the contents organised.
While a dramatic gold overmantel mirror against a brick wall in a kitchen makes a great focal point.
Kitchen mirror ideas
Consider the age of your home, and either contrast or complement – such as with a metal-framed mirror in an industrial style kitchen, or a minimalist all-glass mirror in a modern or period home.
Or, why not make a statement with a beautiful Venetian mirror? The contrast of baroque decadence in this utilitarian space work wonders in just about any kitchen.
Juxtaposing shapes works well too. Try a large round or curvy mirror above the sink or between tall units to offset straight lines.
Creating views
A row of beautiful copper pans, a collection of chinaware, or a vintage plate rack will look stunning reflected and doubled-up in a kitchen mirror.
Bring the elegance of a connecting room into the kitchen, reflected in a large landscape mirror. Or add depth and interest with a tall mirror tilted to reflect a feature light.
How to hang your kitchen mirror
Kitchen mirrors can be hung on most walls, rested on a shelf, or suspended on chains. For tips on how to hang your kitchen mirrors, please just follow this link.

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    Twiggy Round Twig Mirror

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