Living Room Mirrors

Few rooms in your home reflect your personality quite like your living room. So when looking for a new living room mirror, it’s worth considering your personal style, the light in your room, your décor and the look you’re trying to create.
Choosing your living room mirror
If you have a small or cosy lounge, you can create the illusion of greater depth with a large mirror. Equally, you can brighten a dark or gloomy corner by positioning a mirror to reflect light back into the room. Add a striking focal point to a large living room with an extra-large wall mirror, a funky or unusual mirror, or an arrangement of smaller mirrors.
Which style mirror – contemporary, traditional or quirky?
While complementing the décor in your room with a matching mirror is always a good idea, mixing styles can also be highly effective.
Try juxtaposing a traditional lounge with a modern living room wall mirror, or add a classic overmantel or French baroque-inspired wall mirror to a minimalist space.
Creating views
Think about where you sit in your living room, and position the mirror to ensure it’s reflecting something visually attractive – rather than a pile of clutter once tucked out of sight! You can also make more of a favourite piece of artwork by positioning a large living room mirror opposite.
How to hang your living room mirror
It’s good to remember that mirrors don’t have to be hung from the wall, some can be sat on furniture or shelves, or leant against a wall. See below for our wide range of living room mirror ideas and inspiration.

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  • Image of Antique Silver Embossed Mirror

    Antique Silver Embossed Mirror

    Was: £204.00
    Now: £102.00
  • Image of Diana Black Overmantle Mirror

    Diana Black Overmantle Mirror

    from £268.00
  • Image of Emma Narrow Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of Isabella Black Overmantle Mirror

    Isabella Black Overmantle Mirror

    from £306.00
  • Image of Kenzie Black Rectangular Mirror

    Kenzie Black Rectangular Mirror

    from £118.00
  • Image of Modern Black Oblong Mirror

    Modern Black Oblong Mirror

  • Image of Modern Black Round Mirror

    Modern Black Round Mirror

    from £129.00
  • Image of Renaissance Black Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of Oval Black and Gold Mirror

    Oval Black and Gold Mirror

  • Image of Marrakesh Black Arched Mirror

    Marrakesh Black Arched Mirror

    from £219.00
  • Image of Modern Oval Black Mirror

    Modern Oval Black Mirror

    from £115.00
  • Image of Victoria Black Overmantle Mirror

    Victoria Black Overmantle Mirror

    from £399.00