All Glass Mirrors

When it comes to hanging your all-glass mirror it’s a good idea to think about how high up you’ll put it so that it reflects the best parts of a room and, at the same time, remain functional ie too high above a fireplace mantle and you may just get the top of your head.
Your frameless mirror will always look its best too when it reflects the daylight from a window (rather than the glow from a set of overhead chandelier bulbs which will simply add glare). If you have to opt for reflecting artificial light then flame in the form of candle light is far preferable and will add a romantic touch to a dining room, for example.

If you are hanging your all-glass mirror above a console table or some other type of sideboard or table just make sure the furniture surface is always tidy – otherwise the mirror will reflect the existing mess, making the area look twice as untidy!

Here at Decorative Mirrors Online we have a wide range of all-glass mirrors and frameless mirrors for residential and commercial use. Call our team for help with mirror maintenance as well as general advice, tel: 01736 806110.

Meanwhile, do take advantage of free UK delivery.

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