White Mirrors

White Mirrors are some of our best selling products here at Decorative Mirrors Online and for good reason too, they are absolutely great for customers looking to create shabby chic interiors, as well as customers looking to add a French inspired mirror into any style of room. The range of white mirrors available within our collection is massive, with everything from large floor standing mirrors being available, right across to smaller wall hung mirrors - including overmantle mirrors.
Designs within the range cater towards both contemporary and traditional interiors alike, with everything from whitewashed mirrors perfect for laid back interiors, across to expertly painted overmantle mirrors which are ideally suited to grand fireplaces.

One of the biggest reasons our customers choose white mirrors, is because they are trying to add light into the room - as well as reflecting light into the room through the mirror, the white design of the frame also helps lighten an interior. This fact makes these mirrors ideal for larger rooms which struggle for light, as well as interiors decorated with darker wallpaper or paint - these white mirrors stand out brilliantly against darker walls.

Here at Decorative Mirrors Online, we feel one of the best uses of these mirrors is in a dark hallway, where they can be placed to reflect light and maximise space - in this location, we find the high gloss white of these mirrors also acts as a reflective surface in its own right.

You can view the full range of white framed mirrors above, and as always - if you have any questions about the range, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Image of Altan White Washed Wooden Mirror

    Altan White Washed Wooden Mirror

    from £98.00
  • Image of Kenzie White Rectangular Mirror

    Kenzie White Rectangular Mirror

    from £118.00
  • Image of Arden White Rectangular Mirror

    Arden White Rectangular Mirror

    from £124.00
  • Image of Dash White Rectangular Mirror

    Dash White Rectangular Mirror

    from £115.00
  • Image of SAVE £60 - Fern Vintage Garden Mirror
  • Image of Isabella White Overmantle Mirror

    Isabella White Overmantle Mirror

    from £306.00
  • Aimee White Mirror
  • Image of Modern Oval White Mirror

    Modern Oval White Mirror

    from £115.00
  • Image of Victoria White Overmantle Mirror

    Victoria White Overmantle Mirror

    from £399.00
  • Image of White Flourish Ornate Mirror

    White Flourish Ornate Mirror

    from £206.00
  • Image of Modern White Oblong Mirror
  • Image of Marrakesh White Arched Mirror

    Marrakesh White Arched Mirror

    from £219.00