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Your home is an expression of your personality, taste and style. One of the easiest and most effective ways to express this is with mirrors. They give you the opportunity to make a statement, enhance a piece of art or lighting, showcase an architectural feature or view, and create a greater feeling of space and light.

We’ve created Rooms to help inspire and assist you through the myriad of mirror options available.
There may be some shapes, textures or styles you’d not considered before. And of course, we’ve not forgotten your garden, the outdoor room of your home.

Traditionally mirrors were reserved for use in bathrooms and bedrooms but have now become more and more of a decorative accessory which can be found in every room of the home. Mirrors are fantastic for adding light to darker areas of the house and space to more restricted areas like hallways. Within our select range of wall mirrors you will find the style to suit your decor, whether that be ultra modern all glass mirrors or more traditional gold and silver framed mirrors. If you would like some help or advice, please do call us on on 01736 806110 or contact us

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  • Image of Petite French Metal Mirror

    25% Off - Petite French Metal Mirror

    Was: £91.00
    Now: £68.00
  • Image of Medium Bevelled Dressing Table Triple Mirror
  • Image of Twisted Rope Mirror

    25% Off - 47cm Twisted Rope Mirror

    Was: £144.00
    Now: £108.00
  • Image of Small Gothic Garden Mirror

    25% Off - Small Gothic Garden Mirror

    Was: £130.00
    Now: £97.00
  • All Glass Dressing Table Mirror

    All Glass Dressing Table Mirror

    Was: £187.00
    Now: £139.00
  • Image of Funky Circles Mirror

    Funky 15 Circles Mirror

  • Image of Large Bevelled Dressing Table Triple Mirror
  • Image of Twisted Rope Mirror

    Twisted Rope Mirror

    from £110.00
  • Image of Lyon Round Contemporary Mirror

    Lyon Round Contemporary Mirror

    from £179.00
  • Image of Round Porthole Mirror

    Round Porthole Mirror

    from £120.00
  • Image of Valentina Silver Dressing Table Mirror
  • Image of  Wooden Sleeper Mirror

    Wooden Sleeper Mirror

    from £105.00