Rectangular Mirrors

A rectangular mirror is an easy addition to make to your home or garden, even as a decorative afterthought, as just about every space is enhanced, and most can accommodate a mirror, large or small.
Where to position your rectangular mirror?
As rectangular mirrors go just about everywhere, it probably helps to start by asking yourself what do you want to achieve, something functional, that adds light, makes the room feel bigger or is a feature.
Resting a large rectangular wall mirror against a wall makes a wonderful feature dressing mirror in a bedroom.
Hanging a small rectangular mirror on a kitchen cupboard door creates an effective glazed door effect.
While a large bathroom mirror over the basin area, or a really large mirror above a bath, really opens up a bathroom or en suite, maximising space and light.

Mix things up
Mingle a rectangular wall mirror or two in amongst a collection of photos or artwork for an unexpected ‘moving’ picture.
Hang a rectangular window mirror in a summer house or barbeque area for a ‘window’ into another garden, or Narnia, depending on your garden!

Rectangular mirror ideas
A bold decorative frame turns a large mirror into a feature mirror, and with a huge range of colours to choose from, goes with almost any décor.
All-glass frames add a contemporary, modern feel to a large rectangular mirror, while wood brings warmth and a contrasting texture.

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