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For every space there is a mirror, and for every taste there is a style. So now the hard part, choosing… will it be a stunning over mantel or a playful window mirror? Should you go art deco haute couture or driftwood shabby chic? Or perhaps a Venetian mirror opposite a large or full length mirror is the answer? 

There is a vast range of mirror styles available, and to help guide you we have organised our mirrors by highlighting features that allow you to choose the mirror you are looking for. You may wish to focus on the room that you are decorating, or perhaps shape or frame colour  is more important? Here it is mirror style that we have focused on.

Classic arch overmantle mirrors compliment your fireplace well, but many other mirrors styles may work above your mantle. The majority of the rectangular mirrors can be installed portrait or landscape which gives great flexibility in the way that they can be utilised. Round mirrors tend to break up the more straight lines found in the home and therefore add greater visual impact. Large, floor standing, full length style mirrors will add a new dimension to your living space, bringing a sense of scale to your rooms. Enjoy finding the style that suits you and please do give us a call if you would like some help.

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  • Image of Lucia Round Champagne Silver Mirror
  • Image of Maddox Rectangular Decorative Mirror
  • Image of Modern Gold Round Mirror

    Modern Gold Round Mirror

    from £129.00
  • Image of Modern Silver Round Mirror

    Modern Silver Round Mirror

    from £129.00
  • Image of Modern White Round Mirror

    Modern White Round Mirror

    from £129.00
  • Image of Ornamental Silver Mirror

    Ornamental Silver Mirror

    from £211.00
  • Image of Renaissance Antiqued Gold Overmantle
  • Image of Renaissance Antiqued Silver Overmantle
  • Image of Renaissance White Overmantle
  • Image of Twiggy Round Twig Mirror

    Twiggy Round Twig Mirror

    from £140.00
  • Image of Twisted Rope Mirror

    Twisted Rope Mirror

    from £110.00
  • Image of UK Made Art Deco Glass Mirror