French Mirrors

At Decorative Mirrors Online, we know that mirrors need to be in every home - not only for reasons of functionality, but also a decorative item. Decorative items, also do not come much better than French Style Mirrors - a country which has been at the forefront of mirror design and manufacturing for hundreds and hundreds of years.

The design of French mirrors varies massively, and today encompasses both contemporary and traditional designs, with ornate french mirrors being supplied alongside contemporary French style mirrors, such as sunburst mirrors. 

These mirrors are perfect for the usual places such as bathrooms and bedrooms, as well as other rooms in the home which need a boost in both lighting and style. These mirrors are available in a range of sizes, from large to small and everything in between.

 These mirrors look great on there own, as well as paired up with other mirror styles to create a feature wall.

 You can view our full range of french mirrors online, and as ever - get in touch if you have any questions.

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  • Image of Grand Silver Full Length Mirror
  • Out of stock
    image of ornamental white leaner
  • Image of Silver Antiqued Hatched Mirror
  • Image of Grand Gold Mirror

    Grand Gold Full Length Mirror

    from £157.50
  • Image of Grand Silver Full Length Mirror

    Grand Silver Full Length Mirror

    from £157.50
  • Image of Embellished Gold Design Mirror

    Embellished Gold Design Mirror

    from £157.50
  • Image of white Decorative Full Length Dressing Mirror
  • Image of Diana Gold Overmantle Mirror

    Diana Gold Overmantle Mirror

    from £279.00
  • Image of Adrianne White Leaner Mirror

    Adrianne White Leaner Mirror

    from £155.00
  • Image of Diana Antiqued Silver Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of Adrianne Silver Leaner Mirror

    Adrianne Silver Leaner Mirror

    from £155.00
  • Image of  stunning large silver mirror