Garden Mirrors

A well-positioned garden mirror in your garden, courtyard or balcony can add a whole new dimension to your outside space, transforming even the tiniest pocket-sized garden, creating ambience and eye-catching features.
All of our outdoor garden mirrors are made with glass, with a waterproof backing, and are designed for outdoor use.

How to use mirrors in the garden
Add ambience to an outdoor dining or sitting area with a large garden mirror to one end of the table. Perfect for doubling up on the candlelight.
Create the illusion of extra space with a tall garden wall mirror. Surround with foliage to really make this garden illusion work.

Garden mirror ideas
Gothic garden mirrors, or mirrors with shutters create wonderful optical illusions.
A wall of matching mirrors creates a striking cloister effect. While placing a garden mirror behind a water or other feature really draws the eye.
Consider mixing shapes and textures with a stone garden mirror on a brick wall, or a metal mirrored ‘window’ on a rustic wall.

Creating views
Angling a mirror slightly, so that it’s not flat against the wall, will mean you avoid seeing your reflection as you approach, enhancing the illusion of space beyond. Place the garden mirror to reflect a natural image from within your garden.

Acrylic Mirrors
Acrylic mirrors have a tendency to scratch easily and soon lose their reflective ability so we supply glass only outdoor mirrors.

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