Sunburst Mirrors

Sunburst Mirrors are some of our best selling products here at Decorative Mirrors Online, and they are universally popular choices with our staff too! For us, one of the most important things a mirror must do in any room, is add light. Whether that's natural light from a window, or light from a light fitting. Secondly, mirrors should also add an illusion of space into any room, and lastly - the mirror needs to look fantastic in doing it.

Luckily for both us and our customers, sunburst mirrors do all three aspects brilliantly. As well as adding light and space, they also look fantastic and when placed correctly to spread light - they truly can look like a sun in their own right. Available in both square and round designs, these mirrors suit both contemporary and traditional interiors perfectly - and consist of a centrepiece mirror and lots of smaller mirrors surrounding the centrepiece. This design, which certainly draws influences from Art Deco and Futurism, perfectly represents the dawning sun blasting through the sky. These mirrors are at the more expensive end of the mirrors that we supply, and that’s due to the sheer number of pieces of mirror used, to create these beautifully designed pieces.

All have been designed to be wall hung, and look great in all rooms in the home - from bathrooms and living rooms, to bedrooms and hallways - we particularly love seeing these mirrors in entrance spaces.

You can view the full range of sunburst mirrors above, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all about the range.

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  • Inca Contemporary Gold Sun Mirror 99x99cm
  • Image of All Glass Round Sunburst Contemporary Mirror
  • Image of Contemporary Sun Mirror
  • Image of Silver Elaborate mirror
  • Image of Facet Mirror
  • Image of Bronze Gold Twigs Mirror
  • Image of Stella Sun Mirror

    Stella Sun Mirror

    from £134.10
  • Image of Porcupine Mirror
  • Image of round wavy gold mirror