Shabby Chic Mirrors

Shabby chic mirrors are more unusual than the white painted or reclaimed wooden mirrors, you find these days to represent this particular interior design style. And which only serves to make these stunning mirrors stand out even more. You’ll find shabby chic mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes, from classic Baroque round mirrors to Venetian glass mirrors and aged arched metal window mirrors – and all gorgeous in their own right.
Shabby chic is a design style loved for its simplicity, sense of serenity and overall dreaminess as much as it is its aged furniture and pastel shades. A style which verges very much on the feminine, it is commonly regarded as ‘charming.’ French antique style is similar to shabby chic but more upmarket in that the furniture and French style mirrors used are often genuinely aged or antiques and certainly more expensive than typical shabby chic salvage furniture which often involves repainting junk shop ‘finds’ and scrubbing them down with a wire brush for the ‘authentic’ look.

Buy a shabby chic mirror new though and you won’t have to embark on any retouching. Shabby chic is an eclectic style after all and that very word involves matching new with old. So hang that pretty French style mirror above your repainted wicker chair with its floral and lavender velvet cushions…and enjoy. Do take a look through our entire collection of shabby chic silver mirrors and French style mirrors here at Decorative Mirrors Online.

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    Lily Arch Topped Mirror

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    Crocus Garden Mirror

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