Venetian Mirrors

Anybody who has visited Venice will have almost immediately notice the areas love, and passion for all things glass & mirrors and it’s no surprise to learn that the Venetian Style of Mirror was created on the small Venetian island of Murano back in the 14th century! Across the next couple of centuries, Venetian Mirrors became coveted around the world with both British & French Kings (including Henry VIII) boasting large collections. In the UK, it wasn't until that 17th century that mirrors began to be made in England, before then - all of the mirrors in the UK in any stately home or palace, were from Venice.

Today, Venetian Mirrors remain the ultimate statement for style and elegance in any home - with their long lines, arches, and finishes creating an incredibly luxurious feel in any room in the home, fitting perfectly alongside both traditional and contemporary interiors. A Venetian mirror can look especially effective in a bathroom where a bevelled edge curved design will withstand compensation and add softness to the often clinical look of the room.

Many Venetian all-glass mirrors these days come with an aged patina, which can add a welcoming touch of vintage charm – especially to a shabby chic design theme. To add a sense of luxury, pair up your etched mirror with marble in the bathroom. As well as being popular choices for bathrooms, this range of venetian mirrors are also popular across bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms - adding in important light, and style.

At Decorative Mirrors Online, we are very proud to offer a range of Venetian Style Mirrors which stay true to original Venetian designs and patterns, whilst being made more affordable thanks to modern & innovative manufacturing processes. The full range of venetian style mirrors encompass venetian wall mirrors, as well as well as venetian full length mirrors and also stunning, venetian dressing table mirrors.

You can view the full range above, and as always - if you have any questions about the range, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Venetian Glass Dressing Mirror 104 x 76cm
  • Image of Davina Contemporary rectangular mirror
  • Image of UK Made Art Deco Glass Mirror
  • Image of Panelled mirror
  • All Glass Triple Edged Mirror 120x80cm
  • Image of Deep Large All Glass Framed Wall Mirror
  • Image of All Glass Triple Edged Mirror

    All Glass Triple Edged Mirror

    from £96.30
  • Image of Double Beaded Silver Mirror
  • Emily Triple Edged Mirror 120x80cm
  • Image of Double Beaded Silver Mirror

    Double Beaded Silver Mirror

    from £137.00
  • Image of bevelled champagne framed mirror

    Bevelled Champagne Framed Mirror

    from £149.00
  • Image of Bevelled gold framed mirror

    Bevelled Gold Framed Mirror

    from £149.00