Window Mirrors

When placed well, window mirrors can act like a small porthole, providing a gateway into a hidden world.Take a look through our collection of window mirrors here at Decorative Mirrors Online today. You will find an extensive selection. For more detail, tel: 01736 806110. Enjoy free UK delivery on all orders.

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  • Image of Iris Garden Mirror

    Iris Garden Mirror

    from £141.00
  • Image of Allium Garden Mirror
  • Image of Metal Arch Mirror

    Metal Arch Mirror

    from £249.00
  • Image of SAVE £60 - Fern Vintage Garden Mirror
  • Image1 of Aged Arched Metal Window Mirror
  • Image of Marigold Garden Mirror
  • Image of Round Window Mirror
  • Image of Vintage Triple Window Mirror
  • Image of Eight Pane Window Mirror
  • Image of Hellebore Garden Mirror
  • Image of Gothic Verdegris Garden Mirror
  • Image of Wonderful Window Mirror