Mirrors By Style

Find the style to match your decor

For every space there is a mirror, and for every taste there is a style. So now the hard part, choosing… will it be a stunning over mantel or a playful window mirror? Should you go art deco haute couture or driftwood shabby chic? Or perhaps a Venetian mirror opposite a large or full length mirror is the answer? 

Grand Silver Full Length Mirror

Large Mirrors

Victoria Antiqued Gold Overmantel

Overmantel Mirrors

Large Metal Framed Mirror

Window Mirrors

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UK Made Art Deco Glass Mirror

Art Deco Mirrors

Large Rectangular Driftwood Mirror

Driftwood Mirrors

Venetian Style Oval Mirror

Venetian Mirrors

Shabby Chic Whitewashed Mirror

Shabby Chic Mirrors

Juliette Architectural Round Mirror

Round Mirrors

Alexa Plain Venetian Dressing Table Mirror

Dressing Table Mirrors