Overmantle Mirrors

Overmantle Mirrors, remain some of the most popular products we stock and supply here at Decorative Mirrors Online. Designed to sit above a fireplace, these mirrors are also commonly known as fireplace mirrors - for obvious reasons! As well as adding light into any space, these mirrors also help ensure that your fireplace becomes an even more dominant feature within your home - and the range of traditional and contemporary overmantle mirrors available, really help you get the most of whatever space and style you have in your home.

An added bonus of overmantle mirrors, is that because of their position they perfectly reflect and draw attention to any feature lighting you have in your home - especially chandeliers. These mirrors allow you and your guests to enjoy your chandelier from a completely new perspective. Style wise, overmantle mirrors can be as ’loud’ or as minimalist as you want them to be, and we universally love seeing these mirrors with two candlesticks either side - further adding to the grandeur of the feature.

Above, you can find an excellent range of Overmantle Mirrors in a range of sizes and styles. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of these mirrors, and are confident they represent the perfect balance between style, quality and value - earning a place in any home.

We are adding to this collection all of the time, so please do keep checking back for new items and if you have any questions at all - please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Many customers choose to send us a picture of their fireplace, to help us understand and recommend certain products too.

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  • Image of Diana Antiqued Silver Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of Delphine Silver Overmantle Mirror

    Delphine Silver Overmantle Mirror

    from £195.00
  • Image of Arched Black overmantle mirror
  • Image of Victoria Black Overmantle Mirror

    Victoria Black Overmantle Mirror

    from £398.00
  • Image of Isabella Black Overmantle Mirror

    Isabella Black Overmantle Mirror

    from £295.00
  • Image of Diana Black Overmantle Mirror

    Diana Black Overmantle Mirror

    from £279.00
  • Decorative Antique white Overmantle Mirror
  • Diana White  Overmantle Mirror

    Diana White Overmantle Mirror

    from £279.00
  • Image of Victoria White Overmantle Mirror

    Victoria White Overmantle Mirror

    from £398.00
  • Sophia White Overmantle Mirror 127cm X 127cm
  • Image of Isabella White Overmantle Mirror

    Isabella White Overmantle Mirror

    from £295.00
  • Image of arched white overmantle mirror