Made to Measure

Sometimes, only the right size will do, to fit your particular space. That’s what we offer a range of rectangular and overmantle bespoke mirrors that can be made in different sizes, heights and sometimes alternative colours. This gives you the opportunity to order exactly the best size for your wall space.
These mirrors are all made for us in the UK. Working in tandem with our manufacturers we can specify exact dimensions (within some limits!).

On certain mirrors, demister pads can even be fitted for bathroom use - meaning there’s no need to wipe the mirror.

To discuss any other requirements please call us on 01736 806 110 or send an email and well get back to you asap.

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  • Gold minimal Rectangular Mirror 130x90cm
  • slimline overmantle mirror Gold 110(w) x 80cm(h)
  • slimline overmantle mirror Black 110(w) x 80cm(h)
  • Gold minimal Rectangular Mirror 120x80cm
  • Black minimal Rectangular Mirror 120X80CM
  • Full length Minimal Gold mirror 180X90CM
  • Full length Minimal Black mirror 180X90CM
  • Arendal curved Minimal gold mirror
  • Arendal curved Minimal Black mirror
  • Full length Minimal Gold mirror 150x60cm
  • Full length Minimal Black mirror 150x60cm
  • Venetian Glass Dressing Mirror 104 x 76cm