Round Mirrors

Porthole, circular, curvy and fisheye, with such a variety of round mirrors, you’re spoilt for choice. In a world of straight lines, a round wall mirror is one of the quickest and easiest ways to mix things up and creating a standout feature.

Where to position your round mirror?

The good news is, just about anywhere looks great with a round mirror.
You’re probably familiar with round bathroom mirrors, but a large round silver or contemporary glass mirror over a mantel piece contrasts beautifully with the strong verticals.
While in a dining room, an extra large round mirror creates a fantastic feature, and helps to bounce light around the room.

Mix things up

A round, black-framed mirror amongst a collection of black framed photos or prints adds an unexpected interest.
Or you could be playful and try a curvy, ornate, antiqued or Venetian decorative mirror in an unexpected location like a kitchen or bathroom.

Round mirror ideas

Hang a fisheye or small round mirror on a hallway wall for a fun porthole effect.
A big starburst or sun mirror makes a great stand-alone feature for almost any room.
Round gold mirrors add a touch of decadence to a wall, and contrast beautifully with bare brick and concrete.
Or there’s our ready-made circles mirrors for a fun collection that’s easy to hang. Perfect over a bubble-filled bath!

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  • Scalloped edge round mirror in black

    Scalloped Edge Black Round Mirror

    from £135.00
  • Scalloped round mirror in gold

    Scalloped Edge Gold Round Mirror

    from £135.00
  • Simple round mirror silver

    Simple round mirror silver

    from £65.25
  • Simple round mirror Gold

    Simple round mirror Gold

    from £63.25
  • Simple round mirror Black

    Simple round mirror Black

    from £63.25
  • Large Round luxe Mirror Black

    Large Round luxe Mirror Black

    from £288.75
  • Bloom Circles Mirror

    Bloom Circles Mirror

  • Round Minimal Gold mirror 60cm

    Tromso Round Minimal Black mirror

    from £93.75
  • Tromso-Gold

    Tromso Round Minimal Gold mirror

    from £93.75