Antique Glass Mirrors

Browse our range of antique mirrored glass products. If you are looking for a vintage distressed mirror glass there are some stunning options. Our standard antique mirror glass has tints of gold and faint black mottling. The mirror gives off a bronze hue and would really complete an Art Deco classic look.

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  • Image of vintage antiqued lunar mirror

    Vintage Antiqued Lunar mirror

    from £390.00
  • Image of  mottled antique  Full Length Mirror
  • image of mottled Art deco mirror
  • Image of  Angled antique mottled mirror
  • Image of Antique lunar mottled mirror
  • Image of vintage Vienna mirror
  • Image of Vintage Antiqued Mirror
  • Image of clermont antiqued panel mirror
  • Image of Antique panel mirror
  • Aged Arched Wooden Window Mirror