Bespoke Height Overmantles

We are pleased to offer a range of overmantle mirrors, all made in the UK where we can make the height of the mirror ( with some limitations) to suit your fireplace. For example, you may have a narrow but tall fireplace and we can adjust the height of the overmantle mirror to suit your requirements.

We offer our bespoke height overmantle and fireplace mirrors in a range of widths through from 80cms to 140cms wide to suit a variety of fireplace openings. We are also able to include or exclude the flourish decorations on these mirrors, to take account of your requirements and taste.

In some cases we can also offer these mirrors in bespoke colours. Please contact us  for more information.


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  • Image of minimal edge silver mantle mirror
  • Image of  minimal grey edge overmantle
  • image of minimal edge overmantle black
  • Image of minimal edge Overmantle
  • Image of Diana Gold Overmantle Mirror

    Diana Gold Overmantle Mirror

    from £279.00
  • Image of Diana Antiqued Silver Overmantle Mirror
  • Malmo Black Minimal oval mirror
  • Image of Diana Antique Gold Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of Diana Silver Overmantle Mirror

    Diana Silver Overmantle Mirror

    from £279.00
  • Image of Delphine Gold Overmantle Mirror

    Delphine Gold Overmantle Mirror

    from £296.00
  • Image of Isabella Black Overmantle Mirror

    Isabella Black Overmantle Mirror

    from £316.00
  • Image of Emma Narrow Overmantle Mirror