Oval Mirrors

Oval Mirrors are some of the most elegant styles of mirrors that we supply here at Decorative
Mirrors Online. Featured in films and the most elegant homes and scenes - oval mirrors provide
the perfect shape for the perfect, elegant portrait which focuses and highlights the face. The
scene of a face in an oval mirror, has been in countless films over the years - from period
dramas to cutting edge films and programs.

At Decorative Mirrors Online, we have worked really hard to source the vest best range of oval
mirrors, in both contemporary and traditional styles - which look fantastic in homes and
apartments of all sizes and all styles. Incredibly versatile, these mirrors work brilliantly in all
rooms within a home, including living rooms, hallways as well as bedrooms and bathrooms.

The huge amount of choice available in oval mirrors, means that you can find the perfect mirror
for you and your home - so whether that’s a sleek contemporary oval mirror, or an ornate
framed oval mirror - the choice is entirely yours. Remember, that these mirrors often take up
very little wall space compared to other models, so they can be placed almost anywhere in the

You can view our full range of oval mirrors above, and as always - please do just get in touch if
you have any questions at all about the collection.

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  • Image of Modern Oval Bronze Mirror

    Modern Oval Bronze Mirror

    from £75.00
  • Image of Modern Oval Dark Grey Mirror

    Modern Oval Dark Grey Mirror

    from £75.00
  • Image of Modern Oval Light Grey Mirror

    Modern Oval Light Grey Mirror

    from £72.75
  • Image of Modern Oval Silver Mirror

    Modern Oval Silver Mirror

    from £72.75
  • Image of Modern Oval White Mirror

    Modern Oval White Mirror

    from £75.00
  • Gold oval mirror
  • Malmo Black Minimal oval mirror
  • Image of beaded silver mirror
  • Image of Modern Oval Black Mirror

    Modern Oval Black Mirror

    from £75.00
  • Beaded Gold Mirror