Champagne Silver Mirrors

Champagne Silver mirrors are ideal for more traditional settings. The silver leafed finish is aged using a varnish which creates the champagne colour. For those looking to match perhaps more modern chrome type finishes then please view our Silver Mirrors for a brighter finish. However, as a classic reproduction of earlier styles, then these champagne styles blend well alongside traditional fixings and furnishings.

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  • Image of  Victoria Champagne Silver Overmantle

    Victoria Champagne Silver Overmantle

    from £298.50
  • Image of Adrianne Silver Leaner Mirror
  • Franz Champagne Silver Full Length Mirror
  • Franz Champagne Silver Bedroom Mirror
  • image of Beaded Champagne Silver mirror

    Beaded Champagne Silver Mirror

    from £111.75
  • Image of Demelza All-Glass Silver Mirror

    Demelza All-Glass Silver Mirror

    from £138.75
  • Isla Champagne Silver Bedroom Mirror
  • Isla Champagne Silver Full Length Mirror
  • Isla Champagne Silver Rectangular Mirror

    Isla Champagne Silver Rectangular Mirror

    from £89.25
  • Decorative Antique Silver Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of arched silver overmantle mirror
  • Image of Ava antiqued silver mirror