Minimalist Mirrors

Minimalist mirrors show off the mirror glass to the the maximum. Clean lines create a timeless product which is equally suited in a traditional or contemporary setting.

Whether its a modern frameless dressing table mirror or a full length wall mounted dressing mirror, we hope you will find the mirror of your choice.

Minimalist mirrors can sometimes be described as 'plain' but we prefer to see them as elegant and timeless. With no frame or very minimal frame present, the true beauty of the mirror glass really shines through and gives you a crisp, clear reflection.

Our all glass mirrors are bound to compliment your current decor, picking up and enhancing the colours already present in your room. We have many modern frameless style which give your room a contemporary look, due to the clean lines. We also offer frameless mirror styles that are made of all bevelled mirror glass, making them extra elegant.

Minimalist mirror styles are frequently seen in the bathroom and we can add demister pads to some of our bespoke frameless styles to make sure they don't stem up.

But all glass mirrors can actually work well in a narrow hallway where you are going for maximum light reflection. Without a frame, there is more surface area for the light to bounce off and so create an illusion of space and light.


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  • Large Frameless Full Length Mirror
  • Large Frameless Arch Mirror
  • Irregular Full Length Minimal Mirror
  • Extra Large Organic Full Length Mirror
  • Large Full Length Pebble Mirror
  • Irregular curved mirror
  • Irregular Tall Mirror
  • Irregular full length mirror
  • Curved mantle mirror
  • Curved frameless mirror

    Barnsbury Frameless Curved Mirror

    from £169.00
  • Frameless Modern mirror
  • Organic shaped mirror