Leaner Mirrors

Large floor mirrors ensure that your mirror becomes the focal point of the room. Many large floor mirrors can either be wall mounted or simply leaned against the wall as a leaner mirror. A freestanding full length dressing mirror can be a great show piece in your bedroom, and can be decorated with overhanging accessories etc.

At Decorative Mirrors Online, we are incredibly proud to have designed, manufactured as well as sourced - a fantastic range of freestanding mirrors - which have all been designed to create a stunning focal point in any room, in any home. These oversized and very large mirrors have been designed to elegantly sit and lean against a wall - and the frames found within these mirrors can be either incredibly simple or very ornate - depending upon our customer's exact preferences. 

If a room is of a traditional design, then one of these floor mirrors/leaner mirrors can make the perfect addition. Leaner Mirrors are very popular, where an ornate design not only adds to the traditional design of the room, but also can be used to highlight other features of the room depending upon placement, and we love seeing these leaner mirrors positioned to give a fantastic alternative view of a chandelier. In a more modern interior, these mirrors play an equally important role in adding a touch of glamour & glitz to the room.

Cheval Mirrors are one of our personal favourite products here at Decorative Mirrors Online. These mirrors combine fantastic style with high functionality - and these mirrors look great in both contemporary and traditional interiors alike.

These Mirrors are often referred to as floorstanding as they are not mounted on a wall, but instead a mirror is mounted on a frame which sits on the floor. Usually, the mirror is mounted between two vertical pieces of wood, and the mirror can swivel on two points on these bars.

 As with many of the mirrors that we supply online, the history of the Cheval Mirror stretches back centuries, to 17th century France. The historic and current use of these mirrors, is as a dressing mirror - and the name Cheval, comes from the fact that these units have four feet - much in the same way a horse does.

 Historically, these mirrors were incredibly ornate - with different engravings and style, and whilst these styles are still available today, a range of modern and minimalistic cheval mirrors are popular.

 These mirrors look fantastic in bedrooms, where they are used as a dressing mirror but they also look good in other rooms of the home, and we have seen them used to great effect in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

You can view the full range above, and as always - get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.

Although used across the home, these leaners mirrors are particularly popular with customers looking to add style and functionality to their bedroom - where these mirrors can be used as full length ‘getting ready’ mirrors. We also see these mirrors being used a lot in hallways, where they again make a stylish addition, whilst making smaller hallways feel significantly bigger and lighter.

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