Black Mirrors

Black is a colour many of us admire but aren’t sure how to use in our homes. And yet, black mirrors are excellent for creating statement appeal in a room – especially an oversized black framed mirror. The colour black in itself is dramatic but when paired with reflective glass it takes on a whole new aesthetic.
And anyway, it’s the frame, more often than the actual mirror that does most of the design work (particularly if it is a dramatic rococo frame or an elaborate baroque black framed mirror). Have a black sideboard or TV centre? Then you could do a lot worse décor-wise than hanging three identical and black framed mirrors just above to give the furniture extra prominence. A black framed mirror can also look great in a white bathroom if the suite has black handles and there are black towels and accessories nearby to co-ordinate it with. Another dramatic design tip is to place your black mirror on a dazzling jewel coloured wall to really make it stand out. Black framed mirrors can also appear sophisticated when placed against a grey wall and with a few silver accessories nearby to introduce brightness.

Take a look through our wide variety of black frame mirrors for sale here at Decorative Mirrors Online today for some inspiration. You will find an extensive selection to sift through, in various design styles. For more detail on any of our products, or to ask for advice then tel: 01736 806110. There is free UK delivery on all orders.

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  • Image of Endless Arch
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    Scalloped Edge Black Round Mirror

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