Gold Mirrors

Gold framed mirrors bring instant glamour to a room, in addition to brightness and an impression of more space. In fact, gold framed mirrors fit in with almost any colour in a room but work especially well with bright colours such as red, teal or even black.
They will also bring a touch of sophistication to a white backdrop. And that’s why a large gold mirror, regardless of whether it is period or contemporary, is particularly effective in a bathroom. Not only will it bring in a sense of lavishness, but it will also make, what is traditionally a small room, appear much larger. A very effective way to add an unusual and rather lavish look to your bedroom is to use identical medium-sized gold framed mirrors above symmetrical bedside tables. You won’t necessarily be able to use them to see with, but they will reflect and emphasise the light from bedside lamps, giving the bedside area a cosy aura.Metals have been popular in interior design circles for several years now and gold framed mirrors have taken centre stage, along with gold candlesticks, wall hangings and upholstery fabrics. It’s a colour which signifies wealth and abundance, after all.

To find a gold framed mirror to coordinate with your room’s look take a look through our gold mirrors here at Decorative Mirrors Online today. There is a wide range to choose from. For more detail on any of our products, or to ask for advice then tel: 01736 806110. Enjoy free UK delivery on all orders.

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  • Scalloped round mirror in gold

    Scalloped Edge Gold Round Mirror

    from £135.00
  • Scalloped edge mirror gold
  • Large Frameless Full Length Mirror
  • Large Frameless Arch Mirror
  • Irregular Full Length Minimal Mirror
  • Extra Large Organic Full Length Mirror
  • Large Full Length Pebble Mirror
  • Irregular curved mirror
  • Irregular Tall Mirror
  • Irregular full length mirror
  • Curved mantle mirror
  • Curved frameless mirror

    Barnsbury Frameless Curved Mirror

    from £169.00