Ivory Overmantel Mirrors

Ivory overmantle mirrors are the perfect accompaniment to a period fireplace in a Shabby Chic interior design style. But they also suit a contemporary all-white scheme - or look great in a room fashioned in a black and white monochrome style. Fireplace mirrors tend to come in various shapes and sizes but on the whole tend to be arched and on the large side in order to complement the length of the fireplace mantle itself.

Since the fireplace often tends to be the focal point of a room it's important to get the right black, white, gold or ivory overmantel mirror. Not only will the fireplace mirror prove to be a key decorative feature, but it will also allow more light to enter the room by reflecting back any natural daylight, provided it's placed either opposite or adjacent to a window. At the same time it will seemingly expand the existing space in the room.

Whether it's a Moroccan styled ivory overmantel mirror you're looking for, a Victorian themed overmantle mirror or even a period-style Renaissance fireplace mirror, here at Decorative Mirrors Online we have an extensive selection for you to look through. Art Deco mirror or Shabby Chic mirror fans won't be disappointed either since we also offer ivory overmantel mirrors in these particular styles.

Enjoy browsing through our collections of ivory overmantel mirrors and fireplace mirrors here at Decorative Mirrors Online. We’re sure you will find something to catch your eye. Feel free to contact us too for advice, tel: 01635 818800. Benefit too from free UK delivery at the moment.