Hallway Mirrors

Your hallway is the entrance to your home, where you welcome guests and shut out the cold. It’s also the perfect place to add interest and light with some carefully chosen and well-positioned hallway mirrors. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Where to position your hallway mirror?

A small or narrow entrance will feel wider with large hallway mirrors placed on one or both sides. A long horizontal mirror will effectively widen the hallway and improve the flow between rooms.
Positioning a full height or large hallway mirror at one end will reflect the entire length and give the illusion of a longer hallway.
Tall hallway mirrors close to a window or source of light will brighten a dark hallway and make the most of available light.

Hallway mirror ideas

Opting for wall mirrors helps to keep the footway clear, but that doesn’t mean leaning a mirror against the wall is ruled out, it very much depends on your space.
Clustering mirrors together on a hallway wall looks great, adds interest and bounces light around. This works best if they have a common element, for instance frame colour, finish or shape.

Creating hall views

A hallway mirror is a great way to accentuate a piece of art, light shade or chandelier. Although you may want to think twice about positioning it opposite an overflowing coat rack.

How to hang your hallway mirror

For tips on how to hang your hallway mirrors, please just follow this link.

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