Arched Mirrors

From your classic overmantel to a playful arched garden mirror, an arched wall or window mirror makes the perfect finishing touch for interiors and exteriors alike. Ours come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and finishes. Choices choices!

Where to position your arched mirror?

A large arched window mirror looks perfect in a hallway, living room and even opposite a plant-filled conservatory, creating an extra view and maximising light.
A series of arched mirrors creates a striking window or cloister effect that naturally creates a sense of calm.
Mix things up
A gothic arch shaped mirror is perfect if you want to mix up styles, perhaps in an ultra-modern minimalist setting, or to complement a period décor.
Using an arched mirror in the bathroom can be an unexpected addition that complements most styles very well.
Arched mirror ideas
Arches vary from subtly rounded corners to full semi-circular tops and gothic pointed arches.
Add in the huge range of finishes, from industrial or vintage aged metal to warm gold, gloss white and art deco inspired all-glass, and you’ve a wealth of arch window options.

How to hang your arched mirror

Of course, mirrors don’t just have to be hung on the wall, they can look great resting on a shelf or piece of furniture, or if they’re big enough, on the floor – especially effective in a garden. Click here for more on hanging mirrors.


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  • Image of Diana Antique Gold Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of Delphine Gold Overmantle Mirror

    Delphine Gold Overmantle Mirror

    from £195.00
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  • Image of Diana Antiqued Silver Overmantle Mirror
  • Image of Delphine Silver Overmantle Mirror

    Delphine Silver Overmantle Mirror

    from £195.00
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    Victoria Black Overmantle Mirror

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